The Castles of Posavje


Visit the castles and monasteries of Posavje ... ... and discover their rich heritage; spend a night, have fun, and enjoy the experience of centuries recounted by the walls and people The landscape between rivers Mirna, Sava, Krka and Sotla is marked by castles. They have been forming part of this cultural environment for more than a millennium, bearing witness to local life, and the influence of those who passed through, be it due East or West. No matter from which cardinal direction or by which path you arrive, when you enter the region of Posavje, you will be welcomed by a castle. If you start your journey in Sevnica, from the castle situated on a hill above the Sava River, you can follow the river past Rajhenburg Castle all the way to the Brežice Castle. There, at the confluence of,rivers Sava and Krka you can turn back to follow Krka towards Kostanjevica na Krki and its once mighty monastery, or continue along Sava to Mokrice Castle. No matter which direction you are coming from, you will be able to reach Podsreda Castle, which connects Posavje to Kozjansko. In the near future, we hope to extend the trek to include castles Raka, Šrajbarski turn (Leskovec pri Krškem), Bizeljsko, and Pišece. However, for now these have either yet to be restored or remain inaccessible to the general public. The leaflet we have prepared to entice you to visit the castles and the monastery in Kostanjevica also includes basic information about these structures. We hope our sweepstakes and the prize awaiting you when you finish your journey through Posavje - the land of castles, will further tempt you to visit. Above all, we aim to draw you to journey through the centuries by interweaving the past and the present in our events; we hope you come back and visit our castles again, not just for our museum collections, but for the events, concerts, performances, excellence on offer, enjoyment, and the knowledge that you are always welcome here.  


Alenka Černelič Krošelj, curator, director of Posavski Museum Brežice


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